Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter has Come

I was reminded this evening that I have a blog. 

And then I noticed it's been nearly two months since my last entry. 

So a few words, and few scenes from home.

We gave Tristan and Tashi bows and arrows over the holidays, and then Dan surprised me with my very own. So we have some serious archery practice going on around here. Well, sort of serious.

Being a product photographer is fun (especially when the product is fun), and it is also very helpful in that it forces me to tidy the house sometimes. Tristan's room had major rehab one day before I took some shots of unicorns

And our room is always far more romantic when the bed is made and there is heart buck on the wall.

Skye dog continues to be awesome.

And particularly awesome in the snow, which we got a lot of last week. She seems to have some arctic blood. She chooses to leap through the snow banks like a fox, rather than walk on the road. And the cold damp doesn't stop her from tunneling her snout through the depths seeking unsavory treats.

The kids made a sledding slope out of our deck stairs.

There is nothing like a good snow dump to make you slow down, play, sit by the fire, appreciate the light, savor the silence, and accomplish some overdue indoor tasks. 

There was the first storm, which shut schools down for a couple of days and caused delays all week. And there was the second storm, where a couple of expected inches turned into several hours of unexpected accumulation. 

Alas, we truly have had a winter experience and spring is now most welcome to arrive!

And finally, we watched the Oscars, which was a good excuse for making these Cheddar Stars.

Yes, these are some scenes from deepest winter in our home. 

Here is a dreamy song called Winter is Coming by Australian singer, Matt Corby, non-official snowy video found on YouTube.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

2015 is a bridge

i had the best intentions for regular posts in december.

yet a few sleep cycles after my last early december entry i found myself at solstice.

what happened in those weeks?

dan, tashi, tristan and i each fell ill at least twice. there were choir assemblies and orchestra concerts and craft shows. a winter bazaar unwound. work was engaging and intense with the final push into the buying season. and there was my own buying season. checklists. holiday parties. a few missed engagements.

then in the post christmas daze; languid and luxurious down time at home. we played, napped, ate, walked the dog, allowed ourselves to  let go of duty or necessity outside of the immediate. a relaxed suspension.

and now the suspension has snapped, leaving us falling headlong into the maw of 2015!

in our usual fashion, the yule tree remains up to remind us that the wonder of life in the coldest season continues to be a wonder even after the commercialism dies down. the growing light is just beginning to grow, and we continue to nurture and savor it. winter is here, the baking has begun, the hearth fire blazes, and there are long spells ahead of indoor family time while the cold licks at our windows.

2014 was an amazing year of creative and professional growth, a year of feeling challenged and alive and mostly healthy. it's been a magical year of attention and intention. it's been a year of music, the senses, and small journeys. it has not been without its darkest moments, but i'd have to say the light continues to win.

what are some of the highlights of 2014?

in 2014 i wrote. early in the year when cleaning out my desk i came across an older poem that inspired me to continue. while the commitment and opportunity ebbed and flowed, i became much more regular in scheduling writing time. as a result i have a body of work that continues to call me.

in 2014 i became a product photographer. i do hesitate to call myself a photographer, as the learning curve continues to arch over me, sometimes daunting, sometimes taunting. but it's been an amazing experience of growth and fulfillment, combining the technical with the creative, and doing something i never dreamed i'd do. or perhaps i did dream it, but never thought i'd get there, get to the place where art and career merge.

in 2014 my doula work brought many amazing births, each one teaching me something new about endurance and sacrifice and pain and surrender and surprise and acceptance and infinite love. i feel honored and fortunate to have worked with such sweet individuals who invited me to share in their biggest miracle. i can't begin to encapsulate in a few sentences the feeling in that space, where a mom does what she can to tolerate the waves of pain that deliver new life, where i do all that i can to help her feel supported and heard and comforted. how did i find my way to this astonishing path?

in 2014 my husband turned 50 and foxy. need i say more?

in 2014 one child began their journey into grade school, while the other began to investigate colleges. it is unbearable and unbelievable.

in 2014 my daughter self published a book of great wisdom, vision, and emotional insight (and a very clever story to boot). can a mother burst from pride? she also started driving, went to africa, worked, and took tons of cool photos. she is one of the funnest people on earth to hang out with too. 

in 2014 we took some little roadtrips, visited the beach a few times, camped, went to new york city, and discovered asheville, nc. road trips are life blood, even short road trips have the power to renew.

in 2014 we adopted a border collie from the atlantic central region border collie rescue. she has brought us so much joy, exercise, and introspection. there is nothing like late night walks in the cold clear night under an infinity of stars. and with skye, power walks are the only option.

there are many other things. small things, and large, like learning how to work a hula hoop up around my neck and back down. winning tickets to all sorts of concerts, including the festy. deepening friendships. the awe and fear of being mother to a boy. the pleasure of having my own mother nearby and the challenge of her health. these are lessons and experiences that 2014 offered up.

what are my resolutions, so to speak, for 2015? well here are some. . .

* learning all that i can about photography!
* keeping my creative vision fresh and alive
* health! continuing to exercise in ways that strengthen my core and bring out the youth that remains!
* boundaries
* openings
* having more confidence
* balance between work, family, internet, intellect!

And so I close with the last of the secret reading series for now. Maybe someday my manuscript will be published and you can read the poems in between this most recent piece, written just a few days ago, and the previous, written last spring.

secret reading series 8 from Zoe Krylova on Vimeo.

Nightshift 32

sea sunk
into the sequoia 
circus fish and dancing tentacles
advanced cheese with musk uncorked
tarka added to lentils
fried onion 
fruity compote

thin black lines
folded in knots 
wrapped in a glyph
under drop cloth
moth alights from palm

trail of effort in windswept parchment
breath bottled in summer shell exhales
sentence left to fry tumbles
unsettling the damp

taste this rare sliced organ
blush still the remaining life
sweet red cara cara orange
in a season we call ripe

he will study honeycomb 
extracting shadow halls and glinting stone
there is a bullet ridden cottage in an old box camera 
on a sea bluff once called home

through pipelines of couch upholstery and hell red coal
through stiff sad memory in bones
sluicing the salt water slip
lowering the buckets 

~ Zoe Krylova, January, 2015

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


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music monday

it's december. the last month of the year. sensing a call to step into this month with more intention. so easy to slip into auto pilot these busy days. so easy to speed past all the details. there is the destination, but the landscape of the journey makes the story. so many details in that landscape.

this evening i found myself reflecting on a musical year. every year brings new music into my life and as this year approaches its close i find myself thinking about its soundtrack. details in the landscape of 2014.

on december mondays i hope to share some of my favorite music from this past year.

lately i have been enjoying j mascis newest album, "tied to a star." i love it that so many musicians of my generation continue to be powerful and passionate. i feel less old when the rock programming of the local university station is playing the work of musicians my age! i once saw a very loud dinosaur jr in a seattle tavern and am loving the new contrast to that memory in mascis solo career. as aptly stated in a rolling stone article, "mascis is now as skilled at quiet as he is with loud." 

one evening i was in twisted branch tea bazaar, beloved local chill zone, when i heard  sharon van etten for the first time. thus a new obsession was born. she can trill snark in the sweetest of tones! i saw her perform at the jefferson in october and was definitely one of the top shows of the year. her live voice is incredibly mesmerizing and she sure can hold a note. 

another awesome show i caught at the jefferson was  phosphorescent, a singer who has had me under his spell for some time. i'm a sucker for troubadours of jaded lyrics, psychedelic reverb, and sparkling cowboy boots. his latest album, muchacho, is definitely a master work of songwriting.

sorry for the brevity, but i started this post a bit too late in the night! more favorites to come next monday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

a little bit of skye

anyone who is a friend of mine on social media knows all about our new dog, skye, as the postings for the last three weeks have been naught else. 

and three weeks it will be exactly, tomorrow, on thanksgiving, from when we adopted her from the atlantic region central border collie rescue.

we are indeed very thankful to have this amazing kindred spirit and gentle soul join us. 

this is the first time we met skye. amazing with tristan and tashi and so very, very happy to make our acquaintance. it was love at first sight. she has her paw on tristan's lap here, letting us know that we are to be her humans.

and this is adoption day. we picked her up at her foster mom's workplace in charlottesville, and drove home with a new baby. we were all smiles.

we don't know much of her back story. she is not quite two, possibly a pure red border collie, or maybe has a little bit of something else mixed in. she is recovering from a leg injury that likely resulted from a car. she is not supposed to run just yet, but this girl sure wants to bound and sprint in the great out of doors! that is our biggest challenge, encouraging her to take it easy when we are out in nature.

and she now makes ours a house of three pets. luna and loki cat were a little put out, but frankly, are taking it so very much better than i could have ever imagined. the cats co-exist in the same room as her,  cautiously slip past her, and sometimes tell her who is boss. skye is totally passive around them, but for an occasion or two when she seems to want to play. the cats are not quite ready for that!

this girl gets us out the door, rain, shine, or sleet, at 6:30 am, at 12:30am, and many times in between! i have listened to the immense silence of the night, gazed at the brightest of stars, listened to birds in the brush, and awakened to a cold blast of dawn in the throat, while walking our new dog. i am so grateful for this link to nature.

we love snuggling with her and brushing her thick auburn coat. she is comfortable when our eyes lock with her icy blue orbs and likes to give us lots of kisses. she is beyond sweet and such a welcome friend. 

and she is a super-model, yes. we have joined charlottesville's downtown mall dog culture and can't seem to get very far before someone is crooning over her and setting up their tripod!

she is a nearby comfort  in the home and a great mate on the trail. 

we welcome skye, and look forward to all the new places she'll lead us!